Cool Leibnitz DEMO

Start of Project: März 2019
End of Project: Februar 2022

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Hans Schnitzer

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Cool Leibnitz DEMO

Leibnitz is one of the hottest cities in Austria. The summer overheating combined with the increasing car traffic caused by an influx of people and densification processes not only jeopardizes people's quality of life in the long term, but also decreases the attractiveness of the city center as an economic area as well as meeting and experience space. Therefore, back in 2017, the city of Leibnitz spoke up for the high-quality densification of the city within the public participation process for the urban development plan "Leibnitz 2030". Within the exploratory project "COOL Leibnitz", the city is taking another important step towards climate resilience as well as Smart and Zero Emission City.


The overall goal of "COOL LEIBNITZ DEMO" is to demonstrate that high-quality densification and cooperative and integrative planning processes can support the transformation of the city center “south” into a mixed-use, climate-resilient and livable experience, meeting and economic environment. Cool LEIBNITZ DEMO is therefore a showcase example for future development of cities and city districts, creating an added value for the city, its inhabitants and visitors, entrepreneurs as well as developers and investors. This leads to the following specific objectives:

1. Increase of mixed-use development, reduction of vacancies in the city center as well as design and implementation of innovative city logistics solutions

2. Increase of the share of (innovative) green infrastructure in the city center

3. Establishment of new practices for a long-term cooperation that help overcome common challenges related to an inclusive urban development process


Following demonstration projects will be implemented by the end of the project:

- Settlement of new business enterprises through jointly developed new mixed-use development concepts 

- decentralized logistics hub, including climate-friendly last mile logistics

- implementation of an "urban habitat wall" (for the first time in Austria) as well as implementation of other greening and de-paving measures by citizens, companies and institutions

- urban planning contract model for a high-quality and climate-resilient densification

- district center (HUB) aiming at inclusion of citizens / households, local businesses and educational institutions into transformation process of the city center as well as awareness-rising and mobilization towards climate-friendly (mobility) behavior and consumption patterns

- economic, technical and social monitoring


- City of Leibnitz (Project Lead)
- Heigl Consulting ZT GmbH
- midtown projects GmbH
- Urban Estate Immobilien GmbH
- IVG Immobilienverwaltung GmbH
- StadtLABOR Innovationen für urbane Lebensqualität GmbH


Project Cool Leibnitz DEMO is financed within the Smart Cities Demo – Living Urban Innovation 2018 initiative.