Mobility Lab Graz: embracing the future of urban mobility

In the wake of growing urban transportation challenges cities across Austria are currently exploring new ways for redesigning transportation systems, while increasing the quality of life of their citizens. Launched back in 2017, the Mobility Lab Graz addresses key issues related to local and regional mobility by identifying, testing, implementing and scaling-up new and innovative solutions.

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The major objective of the Mobility Lab Graz is to unlock new potentials for research and innovation in mobility sector by combining user ideas with methodologies and tools, including design thinking or co-creation. Open experimental environments, such as user panel or mobile laboratory (see picture), should inspire and empower citizens and local innovators to turn problems into new solutions, while fostering collaboration. The key subjects of the Mobility Lab Graz are mobility awareness, urban regional logistics, traffic management 2.0 and autonomous vehicles. 

Within the framework of the “XII. Konferenz für FußgängerInnen” conference on 4th Oktober in Graz, StadtLABOR will organize an interactive improvisational theatre in front of the conference venue. For this purpose, a mobile stage will be set up on the square near the conference venue. All participants will receive cards with character description, including roles, such as architect, urban planner, city mayor, student, shop owner, etc. Everyone is invited to participate, take on different roles and playfully discover new and surprising perspectives on topics related to city and mobility. 

When: 4. October 2018, 9:00 - 10:30 

Where: Mariahilferplatz, Graz

For more Information on the “Mobility Lab Graz“ project click HERE or get in touch with us (contact person: Barbara Hammerl, +43 (676) 406 88 15,