green.LAB Graz – leading the way towards green innovation

Within the project “green.LAB Graz” StadtLABOR, along with its partners, will develop and implement scalable and innovative concepts related to temporary use of urban green spaces and infrastructure. For this purpose, a modular timber construction, the so-called “Urban Box”, will be implemented in the development area “Smart City Graz”. It will be combined with innovative green building concepts, urban gardening activities and biodiversity.

  • Urban Box in Graz ©Nussmüller Architekten ZT GmbH
  • ©Grün Statt Grau
  • green.LAB Graz Team ©StadtLABOR

Encouraging creativity, collaboration and experimentation, green.LAB Graz is an open innovation lab for individuals and organisations to design sustainable solutions to complex urban challenges in Graz, including, urban heat island mitigation or reduction of CO2-emissions and fine dust. Local residents and other interested people will be able to experience, shape and implement green infrastructure in their district, thus improving climate change adaptation measures in cities.

Within the research project "green.LAB Graz" a study tour will take place on Wednesday, 10th October 2018 in Vienna. During the study tour participants will get the opportunity to visit projects and best practice cases related to urban green, including MUGLI ( - a demonstation building comprising green roof, facade and interior design. They will be also able to share and discuss best practices with other experts, including developers and urban planners, as well as learn about processes, costs and benefits and technologies related to integration of the green infrastructure within urban context. The transferability of the green concepts to Graz will be also discussed.

For more information on the "green.LAB Graz" project click HERE or get in touch with us (contact person: Barbara Hammerl, +43 (676) 406 88 15,

Picture 1: Urban Box will be soon implemented in Graz as a green demonstation building. 

Picture 2: MUGLI ( in Vienna